Thursday, 20 January 2011

I run the Virgin London Marathon for charity - help me raise £1700!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

PlaySport not playing fair

I was happy to see that PlaySport London has come into being to 'deliver free sporting activities to Londoners of all ages and abilities'This is great and chimes with the BarclayCycleHire scheme, free swims, Swim 4Life etcHowever having looked at the PlaySport London website and browsed through the activities available throughout London, the vast majority of these are aimed at 16-21 year olds.In fact many of these are existing Summer Youth Camp activities and they have cynically tapped into the extra 'pot of money' available without widening their remit accordingly to encourage all Londoners (not just youth) to participate.  There is no reason why capoeira, dance, boxing and other activities should be available ONLY to young people.I wonder if you would care to look at this and to reply, as it seems highly inappropriate for so many activities to be age-restricted for no reason, and in direct contravention of the stated aim to deliver two months' worth of free sporting activities to Londoners of all ages and abilities

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Mens clothes - I despair

This is how we are meant to look.

or this for slightly more variety
Lincoln High Street

Steep hill, honeytrap - Barley blowin' in the wind

Btown4 - B'Lincoln

Q. What British city gave its name to a US President?
A. Lincoln.  A very nice day out from only £60 at participating rail stations (garrr).  Absolutely thought Steep Hill was great, though I didn't notice the roadsigns too prominently, until you were halfway up and committed.  A real goth hangout and alternative Totnessy feel to the place with more Olde Coffee Pottes on that hill than in the entire collectables section of eBay.
You appreciate Lincoln's location and the uniqueness of its Hill when espying the city from a distance.  From the Water-rail Way by the river, for example.  I read about the Water-rail Way, which runs from Lincoln to Boston on Friday in a magazine which came through the door.  And I was 'on it' by Saturday lunchtime.  It's not as bewitching as the Tarka (Devon) but on the vicar's bike which I got for a fiver from those nice chaps at Barnes Cycles, believe me I was happy.
18 miles later, to Bardney and back, and it was all over with nothing left to do but obsessively charge and run my laptop for the remainder of the day (doing a bit of sitescraping on the sly).  Here be photos.

Btown1 - Brum

I spent all Saturday planning where I was going to go, homing in on one particular city.  That's right BIRMINGHAM.

I have never really gotten to know it and it had several things in its favour this weekend - a Social Meetup at a (very poncey location in the new canal area).  A house, from which had an open day, with unadvertised tasty cakes.  There were NO bike hire facilities anywhere in the city on the weekend (huh?), which meant I would have to RUN everywhere.  Hmm :-)) The sun was shining.  The Rea Trail along the river looked appetising.  And it began with a B.

Bus No 5 was scary.  A smoking youngster upstairs and loud music playing at the back from Sizzla: "Badman don't apologize to no batty-boy If yuh dis' Black Woman,then mih gun will shot yuh boy".  I've got it on MP3 (now) if anyone would like it?

Cheap Dive Hotel, can allegedly be found in Edgbaston!  On freshly cleared ashtrays (notice how nice that sounds): 'One of us stinks Room, and I don't think it's me'.  I was happy to lay my head somewhere rough and different.  Stuck to rice, from the great Indian round the corner, as stomach still unsettled.  Happily sent emails and drew trees concerning the Crees family, who'd lately got in touch, and had lived in Brum too for added synergies.

The House - is waiting to be named Britain's first zero-carbon home.  I had just finished reading Scared to Death by Christopher Booker and Richard North which thoroughly dispenses with the whole 'global warming' myth.  During the talk with over 100 people present, on the beautiful trodden red clay (carbon-neutral) floor, I could hear myself preparing awkward questions to ask, so I chewed on my cheeks and crossed both legs together, biting my shirt on occasions.

Greening Brum - Brum stuns.  Brum shuns dumb thuds - buds up to new fronts.  I was massively enamoured with the ragwort/graffiti combination and playing fields which abutted private dwellinghouse appurtenances in unashamed ways.  I would have liked a Birmingham childhood, particularly if I'd had a football as a friend.  Hats off to Miss Louisa Hilton (TBC) for her topnotch park.  It had rained like hell but everyone was out nonetheless.

Other stuff done - the Back to Backs museum in Hurst Street.  The gay scene in Hurst Street (let's go round again.  Seemed friendly enough if mindless but non-scene seemed the way forward here.)  Skipped - the meetup in Posh Dock.  I creepily snuck round the side of the restaurant and took a good look at the serried rows of punters and decided that a long night in with the bedbugs sounded more preferable.

Sunday.  I ran round the brilliant Edgbaston Reservoir and up the Balsall Heath Road, a type of soap? with its harsh and heavy sunshine doing nice things to the long redbricked side streets.  Before going Back to Back and Up the Rea and through graffiti/ragwort canal lusciousness.  I finished up with a cuppa something in Gloria Jean's Coffee place in the Bullring.  I think it's meant to be shaped like a coffee bean and it's a gem.

And back on the train to London, at some expense probably.  But I wanted to play badminton at Sobell Centre on Saturday first innit.  (So no time for long slow coach.)  Yay for Brum!