Monday, 5 March 2018

Machine Love

I just posted a friend about the movie Karmen Gei, from Senegal.

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I read about it years ago maybe in the Observer, or casually passing by National Film Theatre. It was the time in my life when I saw and did everything. The Fuck Years, my buddy D'ian eloquently described. He was just wrapping us up and mine were just beginning, freshly arrived in London.

Flash forward and my time is spent around machines, not flesh. Music doesn't came from a harp, zither or voicebox but from a phone. Images and thoughts not from the circle line going round and round, but catch-up telly. And porn takes the place of intimacy. I work with machines. I a little bit love machines. Machine Love.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

I run the Virgin London Marathon for charity - help me raise £1700!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

PlaySport not playing fair

I was happy to see that PlaySport London has come into being to 'deliver free sporting activities to Londoners of all ages and abilities'This is great and chimes with the BarclayCycleHire scheme, free swims, Swim 4Life etcHowever having looked at the PlaySport London website and browsed through the activities available throughout London, the vast majority of these are aimed at 16-21 year olds.In fact many of these are existing Summer Youth Camp activities and they have cynically tapped into the extra 'pot of money' available without widening their remit accordingly to encourage all Londoners (not just youth) to participate.  There is no reason why capoeira, dance, boxing and other activities should be available ONLY to young people.I wonder if you would care to look at this and to reply, as it seems highly inappropriate for so many activities to be age-restricted for no reason, and in direct contravention of the stated aim to deliver two months' worth of free sporting activities to Londoners of all ages and abilities

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Mens clothes - I despair

This is how we are meant to look.

or this for slightly more variety
Lincoln High Street

Steep hill, honeytrap - Barley blowin' in the wind

Btown4 - B'Lincoln

Q. What British city gave its name to a US President?
A. Lincoln.  A very nice day out from only £60 at participating rail stations (garrr).  Absolutely thought Steep Hill was great, though I didn't notice the roadsigns too prominently, until you were halfway up and committed.  A real goth hangout and alternative Totnessy feel to the place with more Olde Coffee Pottes on that hill than in the entire collectables section of eBay.
You appreciate Lincoln's location and the uniqueness of its Hill when espying the city from a distance.  From the Water-rail Way by the river, for example.  I read about the Water-rail Way, which runs from Lincoln to Boston on Friday in a magazine which came through the door.  And I was 'on it' by Saturday lunchtime.  It's not as bewitching as the Tarka (Devon) but on the vicar's bike which I got for a fiver from those nice chaps at Barnes Cycles, believe me I was happy.
18 miles later, to Bardney and back, and it was all over with nothing left to do but obsessively charge and run my laptop for the remainder of the day (doing a bit of sitescraping on the sly).  Here be photos.